A body scrub is the most popular body treatment that is originally used as the facial for the body.  It exfoliates the toxins of the skin and makes it fresh, smooth and moisturized. A body scrub is performed using an abrasive material that is extracted from sugar or sea salt and it is mixed with massage oils and other essential oils. Also, the most important thing to be considered when you want to have a SPA therapy is to choose the best Spa in Chennai.

Promotes new growth in cells

Exfoliating the skin from head to toe will not only slough out dead cells, hair, oil, skin, debris, and dirt but also will promote new cell growth. Clogged pores and the building up of dead cells gives the dry, dull and unattractive look to your skin.

A gentle scrub that contains ingredients such as sugar, salt, coffee grounds or oatmeal will be used during your treatment to remove the dead cells and help in revealing a new layer of healthy and glowing skin.

Reduces coloring

If you want your pigmentation, hideous blemishes, dark spots or tan lines to get rid of, then a body brightening polish or tan removal is the perfect option to choose. Mostly tan removal and brightening are usually light natural ingredients with the qualities which have been determined to lighten the skin, reduce the blemishes and melanin.

Relaxes the skin

When the skin of your body is affected by the stress of living in a hectic and polluted area it makes your skin look dull, injured and dead. It is high time we opt for a rejuvenating body polishing session. Gently scrubbing your skin with an abrasive agent is the best way to protect your skin.

Generates blood flow

A Good Body Scrub helps in increasing the blood flow which in turn results in an increase glow of healthy skin.  A body scrub not only lightens your skin but it also helps to make your skin feel smooth and silky.

Skin Hydrates

If the skin has been exfoliated, the pores should be closed to avoid the dirt and other debris. It can be done by hydrating agents like body lotions, or aromatic essential oils to moisturize your skin. The lotion or oils will be massaged into your skin and when your pores are open, they will penetrate deeper into your body to give you smoother and supplant skin together for hours.

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