If you want to relax, the best place to do is in Le Bliss Spa. Spa treatments are the services that provide the most popular spa treatment by massage. The specialists in a spa will provide the services of massage, make-up and make you feel like an energetic person. If you’ve never visited a spa, you need to know more about the most common spa treatments. Spa treatments include body treatments such as body wraps and salt glows also facials. Most of the spas have the nail salon providing the spa pedicures and manicures.

Spa treatments that are included in a spa menu is basically a list of all that a spa has to offer. These are generally offered spa treatment forms and most spas list these facilities. There are several categories of treatments to search for, but here are some of the  important treatments that are mentioned below:

Body Treatment

The body treatment includes a wide range of methods which are scrubs, soaks, and wraps. Most of these accomplish the strong, calming and invigorating double feat of being.

A body scrub may be a stand-alone treatment, but it is usually connected with the body wrap by detoxifying or hydrating.

The body scrub exfoliates your outermost, dead cells with a sugar scrub and a salt scrub or some other exfoliants are fruit enzymes or coffee grounds which are gently loosen intercellular bonds and it is basically developed by use of lotion and a shower.


After the morning face wash, the skin undergoes a lot of changes during the course of a day. A facial offers the opportunity to restore and rejuvenate the skin makes it clean and exfoliates the pores to give you a better image and complexion. The facial starts with cleaning the skin by using the sponges or cotton or alcohol swab to clean away oil.

Steam treatment is directly used to remove the whiteheads and blackheads on skin, it often guides a blast of hot wet air towards the face to loosen the skin. Exfoliation uses chemical scrub or a peel is used to take away the dead skin cells. At last, a facial mask is applied to replace vitamins and moisture to the skin. It is based on the massage, a facial may be preceded by a spa employer or by a professional skin treatment. Here, are the highest quality products at Massage Parlour in Chennai which provides you with the very best and relaxing facial.


Undoubtedly, Massages are the most popular spa treatment on the market. Spa in Chennai performs a professional massage to make the customers feel relaxed

by kneading the muscles vigorously, using pressure and friction to relieve tension and increase blood flow. Massage therapy can include the trending Swedish massage, tissue treatments that can relieve arthritis and release the muscle knots. The total idea is behind our Full Body massage in Chennai at Le Bliss Spa is to work on the various back muscles, arms, feet, hands, neck, and shoulders which help you to relax.