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Are you looking for the best Massage Centre in Besant Nagar?. Get pampered yourself by experiencing a massage from the hands of a professional. Massages increase your blood circulation and also boost up your immune system. Le Bliss Spa is the best spa in Besant Nagar which is maintained with cleanliness and hygiene. They offer you all types of massage services at a reasonable price. The staff in Le Bliss Spa are well skilled with their techniques and have more experience in this field.

Getting a Body Massage in Besant Nagar can give you relief from all your body pain, stress, mental tension, and work pressure. There are many types of massages and they are very unique in their own way. The therapist at Le Bliss Spa will suggest you the right massage according to your medical history. Visit Le Bliss Spa in Besant Nagar for more details or call us @ +91 7305344552 for booking your appointment Now!.

Massage Centre In Besant Nagar


Le Bliss Spa in Besant Nagar provides you with all massage services. Every massage differs in techniques and benefits. The different types of massage techniques include stroking, friction, compressing, tapping, hitting, pressure, and giving pressure. These techniques can relieve you from all body pain, muscle tension, muscle knots, joint injuries, strain, ankle pain, and muscle inflammation. Some of the massages include acupressure and acupuncture. Get into Le Bliss Spa to enjoy the best massage in Besant Nagar. Call us now for more details.


Massage In Besant Nagar

An aromatherapy massage is a type of massage that includes the use of aromatic materials. This massage is well-known for the use of essential oils. Aromatic essential oils have been used for many years. The essential oils are blended with the massage oil or massage lotion. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they cannot be applied straight to our skin which can result in skin issues. The therapists will begin the session by soothing the entire body with oil and will continue to massage. When we inhale the aroma of essential oil, the hypothalamus part of our brain is stimulated, which releases the happy hormones in our body. You will feel quiet, tranquil, revitalized, and delighted when you smell the aromatic essential oils.

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Body Massage Centre In Besant Nagar

Swedish massage is a special type of massage among other massages. The various types of Swedish massage techniques are Effleurage, Petrissage, Tapotement, Friction, and Vibration. These techniques help to relieve muscle discomfort, knots, enhance blood circulation, and relieve body and muscle pain. The main benefit of this massage is that it raises the RBC and WBC counts in the blood, which strengthens our body's immune system. The therapist begins the massage from our neck, shoulder, arms, hands, and feet. In the year 1776, Per Henrik Ling, a Swedish doctor, was the first to invent this massage. As this massage consists of all massage techniques, it is preferred by everyone.

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Massage Parlour In Besant Nagar

This deep tissue massage is mostly recommended for people with persistent muscular pain and bone problems. This massage is especially popular among athletes because of its unique benefits. The therapist will begin by applying light pressure and gliding strokes to each joint. It relieves muscle stress as well as muscle knots. The therapist uses high pressure and long strokes to alleviate all of our persistent problems. People with persistent back pain, hip pain, and joint problems benefit greatly from this deep tissue massage. If you don't like high-pressure massages, let the therapist know before the session begins. The therapist will adjust the pressure to your preference.

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Massage Parlour In Besant Nagar

The origins of this Balinese massage are from the island of Bali. This therapy is very similar to aromatherapy massage and is very popular in Bali. Essential oils are used in both of these massages. This massage is unlike any other since it uses a special essential oil that can only be found on the island of Bali. The special essential oil is called Frangipani and it comes from the plumeria plant. This essential oil moisturizes your skin, improves skin tone, relieves migraines, decreases stress, and promotes mental clarity. This massage primarily aids in the passage of energy in our bodies.

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Full Body Massage In Besant Nagar

Thai massage techniques differ from those used in other massage therapies. This treatment does not include the use of massage oils or lotions. This massage is offered to a huge group of people at the same time in a big hall in Thailand. Traditional Thai yoga practice includes special yoga positions that have numerous health advantages. This Thai massage is usually performed on a mattress, bed, or floor. Yoga postures are included in this massage to help remove blockages in our energy channel pathways. When there is a good flow in the Sen lines, all negative energy in our bodies will be ignored. The chakras in our body regulate our energy flow. This massage helps in regulating the functioning of the seven chakras in our body.

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Besant Nagar is an expensive residential area in south Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The main attraction of Besant Nagar is Elliot’s Beach which is also known as Besant Nagar Beach. This beach will be crowded mostly in the evening time. The famous schools in Besant Nagar are the Arignar Anna Government High School, Besant Theosophical High School, Besant Nagar Government School, and Olcott Memorial School. The famous spiritual places in Besant Nagar are Ashtalakshmi Temple, Ratnagirishwarar Kovil, Arudapai Murugan Kovil, Varasiddhi Vinayaka Temple, and Velankanni Church. Besant Nagar has many high-tech restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and spas. Le Bliss Spa in Besant Nagar is one of the best spas that renders you with pampering and relaxing massages and spa services.


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I have a short temper. Many doctors said my short temper may lead to mental problems. Controlling my short temper is a big challenge for me. This Swedish body massage was recommended by my doctor. I was really shocked by seeing the change in me. Thank you to the therapist who gave me a wonderful body massage.

Rated 5 out of 5

I’m a boxer who came here for a body massage. Really, it gave me more relief from my chronic muscle pains. It gave me mental peace and I can concentrate on my game more compared to before. My performance has improved a lot. Thanks, Le bliss spa.

Rated 5 out of 5

I received a body massage, which helped me mentally relax. The therapist asks about the pain points before starting the massage. The massage was relaxing, and the therapist paid special attention to my troubled regions. Excellent service provided at Le Bliss spa!.

Rated 5 out of 5

Here, the body massage treatment is excellent. The therapists here are quite nice and patiently answered all of my questions. I am quite pleased with the massage that the therapist recommended. It took off all the body and muscle pain. Thanks, Le Bliss spa for your wonderful service.

Selva Ganesh
Rated 5 out of 5

Here, I had a body massage. The restrooms are very neat and sanitary. The massage was really nice and the receptionist was courteous. Thank you to the therapist who massaged my body. I recommend this massage to everyone.


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