Dry hands and feet are very common and mainly caused by environmental influences. In winter, dryness sap the moisture out of your hands. People who live in a dry or cold climate are more likely to experience painful dry hands compared to others. If you are looking for the best Massage Centre in Chennai, then come to Le Bliss Spa.

Dry hands and feet are mostly affected by 

  • Environmental irritants
  • Weather
  • Medical Conditions

Weather – Weather is the main reason for dry hands and feet which is happening in the winter. When the weather turns cold, the air dries out and the body can’t hold on to the humidity. Lack of air humidity leads to dry skin and hands. 

Environmental Irritants – People who always wash their hands many times or use hands for sanitizers numerous times a day are more likely to have dry hands. Others, like hairstylists or dishwashers, may also be prone to dry hands because of the continuous exposure to soaps and chemicals. 

Medical Conditions – Some people may experience the hands drying because of an underlying medical condition which includes diabetes that affects the blood circulation, so this is also one of the chances to have dry hands and feet. Furthermore, other diseases that affect the skin like psoriasis, eczema may cause dry skin on the hands. 

Follow the tips below helps to retain the ship-shape of your hands and feet.

Use the proper creams

Hand and foot need creams should be used regularly. Use the light creams in the daytime and the heavier ones in the night. Creams with base in olive oil or almond oil are good for the skin. If you have time, you may also add the foot or hand soak before taking the bath. Finally, add a drop of jojoba oil in the basin and soak away. If you are not getting such creams or oils, then consult immediately with professional physicians at Massage parlour in Chennai


As the skin on your feet tends to accumulate most dead cells, use an exfoliating scrub that is meant specifically for the feet at least three times a week. Oatmeal and scrubs with a coffee base are the best. Use a gentler exfoliator for your hands preferably one for the face, once in a week. To have good and soft feet, come forward to Spa in Chennai with experienced staffs.

No Chemicals

Mostly evade using the harsh chemical soaps. The more preservatives and sulfates tend to dehydrate the skin. Rather choose the natural moisturizing hand and foot washings that will support your skin after each and every rinse. Do not wash your hands too often, as this removes the moisture in the skin. Try to ignore the hand-dryer after washing. Instead,  try doing pat dry.

Wear socks and cloves

Take a sesame oil or coconut, or lotion of rich vitamin E for overnight intense DIY care. Apply the lotion well in your hands, then wear a comfortable set of cotton gloves that is clean. Leave the whole night off with gloves. Apply petroleum jelly to your feet, then wear a pair of socks to protect your skin from overnight dryness. 

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