Foot Reflexology refers to a foot massage, which stimulates the feet with different acupoints. According to the theory of reflexology, the acupoints on the feet refer to every organ in the body. Stimulating the acupoints with sufficient pressure can trigger and improve the functioning of the corresponding organ. Practitioners in Foot reflexology conduct the treatment according to the feet reflex point chart. Many therapists believe in enhancing the quality of reflexology by adding the techniques of other treatments, such as aromatherapy or by making to listen to light music, in a comfortable atmosphere for the customer.

Here, are the top benefits of foot massage and Reflexology

  1. Improves blood circulation

Due to the sedentary lifestyle, most of the people don’t use their feet muscles properly and also use improper footwear such as tight shoes that hamper normal circulation in the feet.

You can improve the blood circulation with 10 minutes of daily foot massage. This will help in circulating the oxygen to the whole body cells which are most important for overall health. To have good and soft feet, come forward to Spa in Chennai and get a pleasing massage under experienced staff.

  1. Helps you relax

After getting a long tiring and stressful day, the best way to relax is getting a soothing foot massage, especially after a long day walking or standing around, our feet start to swell up. Regular foot massage of 10 to 15 minutes before going to bedtime will boost general health. Always use warm oil to massage your foot so it can penetrate deep into the skin quickly.

  1. Promotes better sleep

The main benefit of foot massage is it helps to promote better sleep, so massaging your foot just before going to bed will offer you an improved sleep. A relaxing and soothing foot massage will definitely help to increase the blood circulation and relax the nerves which help in getting a peaceful sleep. Get a therapeutic Foot Massage at Le Bliss Spa, one of the best Massage Centre in Chennai.

  1. Makes feet healthier

A daily foot massage is a simple way to keep the feet comfortable and safe from foot problems. Massage helps to relax the muscles around the feet, decreases pain and also decreases ankle or heel pain. A fast 5-minute routine foot massage will make your ankles healthy and flexible.

  1. Fights depression

Foot massage and reflexology may help to alleviate depression. Several points on the feet are effective in relieving symptoms of depression. Massaging these points or placing pressure on them for 2 or 3 times a day will help in reducing depressive symptoms. Foot massage offers comfort and helps people balance the need to grieve and adapt to life changes. If you are looking for the best Massage Spa Near Me, then come to Le Bliss Spa.