Top 3 Massages and its Benefits

What is Massage? Massages have been used for thousands of years as a healing and relaxation technique. Various benefits are obtained by the receiver on their muscles and tissues by following methods like stroking, rubbing, kneading, heating, and pressuring. During the massage, the therapists will apply the strong or gentle pressure to the joints and […] Read More

Surprising Benefits of Massage therapy

Massage therapy is the treatment that is rising in popularity. It was once taken as fringe support or alternative, but now massage therapy is considered as a mainstream treatment, most of the insurance organizations offer coverage for these treatment sessions. Massage therapy includes different hands-on methods to increase blood circulation, reduce stress, improve sleep, promote […] Read More

Remedies for Common Scalp Problems

Remedies for Common Scalp Problems Maintaining healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. That is a pretty easy thing to achieve for some people and it can be a bit tough for some who are disturbed by scalp problems like psoriasis dermatitis or dandruff to maintain a healthy scalp. Luckily, we have remedies to solve […] Read More

Best Ways to Care for your Dry Hands and Feet

Dry hands and feet are very common and mainly caused by environmental influences. In winter, dryness sap the moisture out of your hands. People who live in a dry or cold climate are more likely to experience painful dry hands compared to others. If you are looking for the best Massage Centre in Chennai, then […] Read More

Most Popular Spa Treatments

If you want to relax, the best place to do is in Le Bliss Spa. Spa treatments are the services that provide the most popular spa treatment by massage. The specialists in a spa will provide the services of massage, make-up and make you feel like an energetic person. If you’ve never visited a spa, […] Read More

Benefits of Body Polishing or Body Scrubs

A body scrub is the most popular body treatment that is originally used as the facial for the body.¬† It exfoliates the toxins of the skin and makes it fresh, smooth and moisturized. A body scrub is performed using an abrasive material that is extracted from sugar or sea salt and it is mixed with […] Read More

A Valentine’s Day Special- Relationship Benefits of a Couple Massage

Nowadays, couples are busy with their work schedule and find very little time to be in privacy. If you never had an experience with the couple massage, then definitely you are missing the most memorable spa experience. To connect with your loved one in a unique way and to enjoy the memorable spa experience¬†Couple Massage […] Read More