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Are you tired of the whole stressful week? Craving for relaxation?. Looking for a Massage in Chennai. We offer you the best Body Massage in Chennai at Le Bliss Spa. Massages are the perfect way to relax. Massages can restore all your lost energies. Massages have the superpower to throw out all your stress. The therapists here are highly experienced with the standard massage techniques. The atmosphere here is very relaxing and peaceful.

Taking a massage twice a month can benefit us in many ways. Turn out your tiring day into an enthusiastic one. Face your morning with energy. Massages can make your day into a delightful one. Visit us to experience the body massage in the best Massage Center in Chennai. Call us for booking your appointment Now!.

Massage Centre In Chennai


Massage is a therapy of giving pressure, vibration, friction, motion, and soothing the tissues in our body. Giving a massage to our body is like communicating with the tissues in the muscle. Massages can be performed on the bed, couch, chair, and on floor. The therapist uses their hands, arms, palms, rollers, fingers, and sometimes feet. Massages are of many types and each has its unique specialty. Some of the common massages are Aromatherapy massage, Deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, Balinese massage, Traditional Thai massage, Head massage, Foot massage, Ayurvedic massage, and so on. Some of the massages include acupressure, acupuncture, strokes, giving pressure, compressing, kneading, hitting, tapping, pulling, and rolling.


Massage In Chennai

Aromatherapy is a massage that is named for the aromatic compounds used in the massage oil. The therapist uses scented essential oils during the massage session. The essential oils used in this aromatherapy are lavender, chamomile, rose, peppermint, lemon, geranium, eucalyptus, and so on. The therapist won't use these essential oils in a raw state. They mix the massage oil and the essential oil in the correct proportion and then they will apply to the skin surface. The benefits of these essential oils reduce anxiety & depression, treats circulatory problems, treats menstrual problems, and increases blood circulation.


Body Massage Centre In Chennai

Swedish massage is a type of massage which is the most commonly referred massage. The aim of the massage is to relieve muscle tension, back pain, and shoulder pain. The Swedish massage was first developed by the person Henrik Ling in the year 1830. This massage increases blood circulation, WBC count, increases the range of motion and increases immune power. The Increase in the range of motion can increase the secretion of new cells and the secretion of happy hormones. The massage session lasts about 20 to 30 minutes. The benefits of taking a Swedish Body massage in Chennai are reduced stress, treats fibromyalgia, reduces back pain, decreases the secretion of stress hormones, and removes muscle tension.


Massage Parlour In Chennai

Deep tissue massage helps us in relieving the deep muscle tension and muscle knots. The procedure of deep tissue massage and Swedish massage is the same but they differ in the level of pressure and high stroking. The therapist uses high strokes and high levels of pressure in particular points to remove the muscle tension. They will increase the pressure level gradually to increase blood circulation. This massage is mostly recommended for sportspersons and who suffer from chronic pains. The therapist makes sure about your pain points and concentrates more on them. You can also inform the therapist about the pressure level that you are comfortable with.


Full Body Massage In Chennai

Facial Massage includes scrubbing, soothing, and gentle massage. The massage also includes massage oils and cleaning scrubs. The therapist, first of all, cleans the face with the stream. Then they will use a scrub to remove all the dead cells in the face. Then the massage continues by soothing the face with mild pressure. Facial massage benefits in improving skin tone, reducing wrinkles, removing dark circles, increases blood circulation in the face, and avoids pimples.


Massage Parlour In Chennai

Balinese massage includes techniques like rolling, pressing, compressing, tapping, hitting, and kneading. This massage uses a special unique essential oil called Frangipani essential oil which can be only found on the island of Bali. This essential oil is extracted from the flowering plant called Plumeria. The fragrance of this flower will be excellent and at night time, the fragrance will be more. The therapist will apply this oil to the body surface. The pores on the surface get open and absorb the essential oil. This will remove all the dirt in our bodies and smooth the body surface.

Chennai is a residential city that is the capital of the state in Tamil Nadu. Chennai is one of the largest economic and education sectors. It is located in the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is the 36th largest city by population of India.

The famous schools are Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Rajaji Vidyashram, Sishya School in Adyar, Abacus Montessori School, Vidya Mandir Senior Secondary School in Mylapore, Vaels International School, The PSBB Millennium School, Chennai Public School in Anna Nagar Campus, SJNS Jain Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Lady Andal VSR Matriculation School, and Yadavindra Public School.

The popular parks in Chennai are Jeeva park, Independence day park, Anna Nagar Tower Park, Guindy National park, Semmozhi poonga, Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Nageswara Rao park, and Chennai snake park. The famous shopping malls in Chennai are Abirami mega mall, Express Avenue (EA), Citi Centre, Spencer Plaza, Ampa Skywalk, Forum Vijaya Mall, and Phoenix Market City.

The City also has many Spa Centers that provide Body Massage. If you are searching for the best Body Massage Center in Chennai at an affordable price, then Le Bliss Spa is the best Massage Center in Chennai that offers quality services at an affordable price.

The Power plants in Chennai are North Chennai Thermal Power Station, GMR Vasavi Diesel Power Plant, Ennore Thermal Power Station, Basin Bridge Gas Turbine Power Station, Madras Atomic Power Station, and Vallur Thermal Power Project. The Popular Beaches in Chennai Besant Nagar Beach, VGP Beach, Thiruvanmiyur Beach, Palavakkam Beach, Marina Beach, Kovalam Beach, Santhome Beach, and Breezy Beach.

The Hospitals in Chennai are National Institute of Siddha, Apollo Speciality Hospital, SRM Medical College Hospital, and Research Centre, Chettinad Health City, MIOT Hospitals, Sri Ramachandra Medical College and Research Institute, Fortis Malar Hospital, Lifeline Hospitals, Vasan Healthcare, General Hospital, Adyar Cancer Institute, TB Sanatorium, and Apollo Hospitals. The famous temples in Chennai Sri Ramanaadheswarar Temple, Arulmigu Sri Parthasarathyswamy Temple, Arulmigu Karaneeswarar Temple, Kapaleeswarar Temple, Marundeeswarar Temple, Ekambareswarar Temple, Parthasarathy Temple, Sri Vadapalani Andavar Temple, Kandhakottam, Kalikambal Temple, Thirumala Thirupathi Devasthanam Temple.

Chennai also has excellent transport facilities like bus service, Railway service, and Airport service. If you are searching for the best Body Massage Center in Chennai at an affordable price, then Le Bliss Spa is the best Massage Center in Chennai.


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I never had a massage experience before. I tried my first massage at Le Bliss Spa. I felt good. The therapist also suggested different massages according to my health conditions. Thanks, Le Bliss Spa for your service. I just loved it.

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I used to travel to different places. I tried many massages in many places. I had a great experience in Le Bliss Spa. I never felt this much relaxation before. It was really good and recommend Le Bliss Spa to all.

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I suffer from a short temper. My doctor asked me to take this massage. It gave me a gradual change. My thanks to the therapist who did a Body massage for me.

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I work as a software engineer. I face more stress daily and my colleague compelled me to take a massage. After taking a Body massage here I felt good and relaxed. Thank you Le Bliss Spa!.

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I was searching for a good Body Massage Centre near my home. But wherever I take massages it’s not up to my mark. Then I tried here just for the sake. I just loved it. Especially the therapist here is kind which made me more comfortable.

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I don’t have a good opinion on massage therapy. I thought massage can be done only by luxurious people. When I went with my friend to this spa, I changed my thoughts about massage. Here the price is affordable and the service is also nice.

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I like to have an Aromatherapy massage because of its Aromatic oil. In Le Bliss Spa, I had a great experience and the essential oil proportion with the lotion is good. The rooms are especially clean and hygienic. I suggest this is the best place to relax.


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