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Are you seeking the Best Massage Centre in Velachery? Wanna get a break from your busy schedule? Get a body Massage in Velachery and throw out your stress in a minute. Le Bliss Spa is the professional massage Center in Velachery which offers you many kinds of massages. Apart from physical relief, massages also give us mental benefits. Taking a massage regularly can help us in many ways.

The therapists in Le Bliss Spa Velachery are experts in this massage field. They will also suggest you the perfect massage that suits your skin type. We are equipped with the best equipment to give the perfect solution for all your worries. Step into the massage world and immerse yourself in the sea of relaxation. Visit Le Bliss Spa in Velachery for more details or call us @ +91 7305344552 for booking your appointment Now!.

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At Le Bliss Spa Velachery, we render you all kinds of massages. Each massage is unique based on its techniques. The different massages are Aromatherapy Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Massage, Balinese Massage, Traditional Thai massage, Head Massage, Foot Massage, and so on. Massages are performed by using hands, forearms, fingers, rollers, palms, and feet. Some of these massages include the usage of essential oils which benefits us a lot. Sometimes massages include the practice of acupressure, and acupuncture as well.


Massage In Velachery

This massage includes the practice of aromatic compounds like pure essential oils. The application of essential oils gives us more benefits beyond our expectations. Essential oils are oils that are extracted from medicinal plants, stems, leaves, buds, and flowers. They extract the essential oil in a pure form by the process of distillation. The various types of essential oils used during the massage are Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Lemon, Geranium, and Eucalyptus. This Aromatherapy massage helps us in treating body pain, migraine, boosts mood, increases blood circulation, and balances life energy.

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Body Massage Centre In Velachery

Swedish massage is a popular massage in Swedish. This massage was first developed by a doctor called Per Henrik Ling. In this massage, the therapist will massage in the direction of blood flow to increase blood circulation. This massage includes various massage techniques like pulling, pressing, hitting, taping, compressing, giving pressure, stoking, and kneading. If you are a person who is scared of high pressure and strong strokes this Swedish massage is the right massage for you. Mostly, this massage is recommended by the therapist to the person who tries the massage for the first time.

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Massage Parlour In Velachery

This deep tissue massage is mainly recommended for people who suffer from tissue injuries and bone problems. The therapist starts the deep tissue massage with low pressure which removes all the muscle tension. Then the therapist continues with high pressure and strokes to remove the muscle knots and reduce muscle inflammation. If you inform about your pain points, then the therapist will concentrate more on the particular point for faster recovery. Even most doctors recommend this massage for physically injured patients.

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Massage Parlour In Velachery

Apart from Aromatherapy massage, the other popular massage which includes the practice of essential oils is Balinese massage. Every person who visits Bali, won't leave the place without taking this massage, because one of the famous things in Bali is Balinese massage. Everyone who takes this massage will prefer the frangipani essential oil because of its fragrance and key benefits. This essential oil is extracted from a plant called plumeria which is a flowering plant. The benefits of this Balinese massage are increased oxygen circulation, relieves stress, boost mood, and removal of muscle tension.

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Full Body Massage In Velachery

The techniques used in Traditional Thai massage are very unique from other massages. This massage does not involve the application of massage oils or lotions. In Thailand, This massage is performed for many people simultaneously in a big hall. This traditional practice of thai people includes special yoga posture which benefits us in many ways. This massage is usually performed on a mattress or bed or floor. The yoga postures included in this massage help us in removing the blockages in our energy lines. A good flow in the Sen lines can neglect all the negative energies in our body.

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Velachery is a residential area located in the south part of Chennai. The Nearby localities of Velachery are Guindy, Taramani, Perungudi, Pallikaranai, Madipakkam, Adambakkam, and OMR. Velachery Aquatic Complex is the first complex with a swimming pool with all facilities. The facilities in this complex are a racing pool, diving pool, VIP lobby, change rooms, first aid, CCTV, food court, control room, electronic scoreboard, gym, and commentator box. Velachery is one of the primary water bodies of Chennai.

The best schools in Velachery are Guru Nanak Matriculation Higher Secondary School, ST Savio Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Bethel Matriculation Higher Secondary School, AGM Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Akshaya Matriculation Higher Secondary School, David Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Dav Baba Vidhyalaya, and Arsha Vidya Mandir Higher Secondary School.

The most popular hospitals in Velachery are Dr.K.K.Raja's dental and Dentofacial center, Cure Advanced Dental Care, Prashanth Super Speciality Hospital, Nandhini Maternity Hospital, Bloom Fertility & Healthcare Hospital, Xcellent Care Hospital, and Velachery Government hospital. The top shopping malls in Velachery are Phoenix Market City shopping mall, Grand Square shopping mall, Palladium Mall shopping mall, Gute Reise Palladium shopping mall, Abirami shopping mall, Murugan shopping mall, Krishna shopping mall, and Aqua shopping mall. 

The parks in Velachery are Corporation park, G R Tech Park, VGP Selva Nagar park, Nathan Subramaniam Colony park, and Krishna park. Velachery has transport facilities like Bus service, Airport service, and Railway service. The nearby airport to Velachery is Chennai International Airport. The fastest way to reach the airport is by taking the Inner Ring Road (IRR). The biggest bus stand in Velachery is Vijayanagar Bus Terminus and it is the most crowded junction in Velachery. The nearby bus stands are the Baby Nagar bus stand, N.G.O Colony bus stand, Guru Nanak bus stand, Gandhi Nagar bus stop, and Dhandeeswaram bus stop. Velachery is well linked to the other cities via Velachery MRTS Railway Station.


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It is very difficult to find a good massage center with hygiene, a skilled therapist, and a pleasant environment. Le Bliss Spa is the best massage center in Velachery, which offers all types of massages with fabulous service.

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I used to take a massage twice a month. My friend Vignesh recommended this spa. They are really good. The Infrastructure of the spa is mind-blowing and their service is very good.

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The therapists here are kind and suggested the right massage for my injury. I felt a decrease in pain after taking a massage here. Le bliss Spa is beyond my expectations. I liked their service.

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The experience was so good. The environment here is pleasant and calm. I suggest you all book your appointment today and enjoy your massage.

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I was looking for a massage center near my house. Le bliss spa is very near to me. I took a Thai massage here. The massage was very good and refreshing. It threw out all my stress.

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As a housewife, I have to face more pressure and tension daily. I took a Swedish massage here. The massage was so relaxing and made my day. Thanks, Lebliss Spa for your service.


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